Guest of Honour Sion 2011: Michal Puszczinsky

"Guest of Honour Sion 2011: Michal Puszczinsky"
Michal Puszczynski, was born in 1976 in Poland. He followed a solid university education in ceramic art.
He works at the Faculty of ceramic and glass of Wroclaw and participates in many worldwide workshops.
has received numerous awards in Poland and is actually working to transfer his knowledge and expertise through publications, as well as public demonstrations in many circumstances, in Poland and away.
Is installations are really powerful, expressive, and he used to present his work both in solo exhibitions or through group exhibitions.
The work of Michal Puszczinsky expresses its emotions, facing bodies that are transformed, degraded, decomposed or destroy, ultimately aiming to open a message of hope for a possible rebirth.
His shapes are simple, organic. He plays with the effects of matter and the action of the flame.
And the dividing line between work and the nature of man fades out, vanishes...
Nature provides to the digger these fossils which are the main subject of the Ceramics Road 2001 land art exhibition.
By welcoming Michal Puszczinsky at 2011 Road to Sion ceramics, July 9 &10, we give to this event a larger size and a real international impact.

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